It’s true: Education Empowers


The charts, tables and graphs in this report all support a single conclusion: The return on investment in education is extraordinary.
The more education a Georgian has, the more likely he or she will live a better life. As individuals benefit, so do their families and communities. And the state itself becomes a far more attractive place to live and work.
That’s why providing the means and incentives for every Georgian to pursue education as far as possible is a smart investment – not just for today, but for the future of Georgia.
METHODOLOGY Data in this report was compiled and analyzed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) in cooperation with the ARCHE staff. ARC is the regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency for the 10-county area surrounding Atlanta. It is dedicated to unifying the region’s collective resources to prepare the metro area for a prosperous future. It does this through professional planning initiatives, providing objective information and involving the community in collaborative partnerships.
The research informing this study and the printing of this report were made possible through the generous support of the Georgia Power Foundation, Inc., and The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation.
Writing support and design provided by Michael Baxter Communications


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